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AJ Motorsport Policy
Terms and conditions

1.         Definitions

1.1.     "The Company", A J Motorsport, the person who is the vendor of the services and or goods to the customer.

1.2.     "The Customer", the person contracting for goods and services to be supplied by the Company.

1.3.      “Consumer or Buyer", a Customer, being an individual who, for the purposes of the purchase, is acting wholly or mainly outside of their trade, business, craft or profession.

1.4.      "Goods" means all things to be sold by the Company to the Customer.

1.5.      "Services" means all services, including repairs, provided by the company to the Customer.


2.         Terms of Booking

2.1        Agreement of any work to be carried out by the Company shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Buyer’s acceptance of these Conditions.
2.2       At our discretion, we may refuse service to any individual for any reason and at any time. 
2.3       All bookings are subject to a non-refundable deposit, the deposit may vary depending on the work required. The remaining balance is to be cleared as soon as the work is complete.
2.4        If, after the date of any contract made subject to these conditions of business but before payment is made by the Customer the list prices of parts supplied shall rise, then the contract price shall rise accordingly notwithstanding the terms of any estimate or quotation we may have given.
3.         Payment
3.1        Following completion of services, payment will be required to collect the vehicle. 
3.2        Any invoices that aren’t settled with 7 days of completion are then charged at 10% of the invoice per day until paid in full. 
3.3        All Goods and/or Services shall remain the absolute and unencumbered property of the Company until such time as the Company has received cleared payment in full from the Customer in respect of such Goods and/ or Services
3.4        The Company shall be entitled to recover from the client all administrative, collection and legal costs incurred by it in recovering overdue amounts and all sums that become immediately payable under the above clauses.
4.         Storage Charges

4.1        If, following the completion of services the Customer's vehicle(s) is left at the Company's premises or the premises of the Company's agent, then the Company reserves the right to make a reasonable daily charge for the storage of the vehicle or vehicles. 


5.         Lien

5.1        The customer acknowledges that the Company has a legal lien upon any vehicle or vehicles left with the Company for supply of goods and services for all monies due from the customer on any account.


6.         Cancellation Policy
6.1        You have the right to cancel a Booking without further charge when giving a minimum of 5 days notice before the earliest scheduled arrival time specified in the Booking details. When less than adequate notice is given, we reserve the right to make late Cancellation charges on behalf of AJ Motorsport at our sole discretion. 
6.2        The charges are as follows:
•    Up to 10% of the estimated cost of the works for cancelling/rescheduling with less than 72 hours notice before the earliest scheduled arrival time specified in the Booking details.
•    Up to 30% of the estimated cost of the works for cancelling/rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice before the earliest scheduled arrival time specified in the Booking details.
•    Up to 50% of the estimated cost of the works for cancelling or not showing up without notice before the earliest scheduled arrival time specified in the Booking details. 
7.         The Work
7.1        If we find during the work that we need to use additional parts and / or labour, we will only order the additional parts or carry out the additional work if you have first authorised us to do so. We will give you a revised estimate of the cost of the additional parts and any labour and the amount of time we think we will need to complete the additional work.

8.         Time
8.1        The Company will use its best efforts to do work or supply goods within any time period notified by the Customer. However, time will not be of an essence and the Company will not be liable for any delays.
9.         Loss or Damage
9.1        The Company is only responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle, its accessories and contents caused by the negligence of the Company or its employees. The Customer is strongly advised to remove any item of value not related to the vehicle and in respect of any loss or damage not the responsibility of the Company, must rely on his/her own insurance.
9.2        Goods received that are damaged must be reported to the Company within 24 hours of delivery if a credit or exchange is required.
9.3        Customers are strongly advised to remove all items of value not connected with the vehicle when leaving it on the Company's premises since the Company cannot accept liability for  any loss or damage to the same.

10.         Breakdown & Recovery
10.1      The company are not liable for any recovery costs due to a break down or issue with your vehicle before or after we have worked on it.

11.         Drop Off & Collection
11.1      Customers who drop their cars off out of hours, without handing a key to a member of staff do so at their own risk - we do will not accept liability of the vehicle until we have received the keys directly.
11.2       We do not recommend leaving keys in a ‘safe place’, however if directed to do so by the customer, the customer acknowledges liability for the car and that AJ Motorsport will not be held liable for any problems. This is done at the risk of the customer.

12.         Tuning & Dyno Services
12.1      The customer accepts the risk of engine tuning, exceeding factory limitations can increase stress on components, thus leading to potential failure at later date.
12.2      Oil spills caused during a dyno run is chargeable at the companies discretion.
12.3      The customer should notify us prior to the booking date if there are  concerns regarding the cars health, we can then have the correct staff and parts ready to repair prior to working on the vehicle.
12.4      The customer is expected to have an element of mechanical sympathy for the car. Allowing the car to warm up effectively and ensuring appropriate fuel is used are two examples of ensuring you are looking after the car. Damage just to negligent or excessive driving will not be covered under warranty. See clause 13.
12.5      The customer is responsible for maintaining manufacturers guidance on oil and coolant levels 
13.         Warranty
13.1      All parts sold by Company for motorsport and racing use do not carry any warranty unless otherwise stated.
13.2      All guarantees for products are provided entirely by the manufacturers/UK importers and are subject to terms contained therein. Purchasers are reminded to complete and return all warranty cards/documents upon receipt of goods where appropriate.
13.4      Excessive driving without due care and attention may cause damage and/or issues to the car. Damage that is deemed to be caused by negligent driving will not be covered under warranty and repairs will be chargeable. 
13.5      Warranty exclusions: 
- Damage caused by failure to take all reasonable steps to prevent mechanical damage from occurring.
- Damage or defects caused by not having the vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer's / Company recommendations.
- Damage or defects caused by improper use of the vehicle, neglect, abuse or use of the vehicle for motorsport activities.


- Accident damage.

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