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Tune your Fiesta ST anywhere in the world
Up to 255bhp capable on 99 octane fuel
Smooth and safe power delivery
Amplified crackles on overrun
Simple plug and play custom tuning procedure
Switchable maps via the sport button
The new generation of Fiesta ST EcoBoost is ripe for tuning straight out of the box. With a completely standard ST running 99 RON fuel we have seen up to 250bhp and 360nm!
With some simple breathing modifications such as aftermarket cat back exhaust and intercooler, our 1R calibration can see even greater figures with up to 255bhp and 380nm on tap, incredible numbers for such a small outlay.
We are currently the only tuning company to offer two different maps in one, switchable via the sport button on the steering wheel. With our unique Push2Pass system, you get the full fat 250bhp and 360nm in Sport and Track modes, plus a slightly more mild 230bhp and 330nm in Normal and Slippery modes.

MAXD Stage 1R Flash Programmer

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